new to audacity - transferred computers - pls help

hey everyone! happy long weekend.
this may be a n00b question, but i’m new the PCs and audacity. i’ve been working on a podcast series for a few weeks and have 2 episodes recorded in the .aup extension that i transferred to google drive and re-downloaded on my new computer. at first when i opened these in audacity it didn’t work and then after when unzipping them, when i open them again, i just get a screeching sound for the whole file length.

is there anyone who has experienced this? anyone who has tips? anything helps!!

Audcaity projects are stored as the small “.aup” file, and a corresponding data folder, (which holds the audio).
The “.aup” file does not include audio: it’s the instructions where the audio can be found.

You’ll have to return both the “.aup” file and the corresponding data folder to exactly the same location on your computer …