new to audacity. need help recording w/ dj controllers

To anyone that can help,

I will try and be detailed as possible. I have a new hp lap top w/ a headphone jacket & mic jack. I am aso using a numark mixtrack pro w/ serato dj intro. I plug in my out puts into my mic jack. Then I push recordI & play my first track, as I am playing my first track I am trying to cue my second track. As I am trying to cue up my second track by either fast forwarding or rewinding it to the cue point, audacity is recording the sounds of me fast forwarding/ rewinding the track. How can I stop this from happening.Tried everything I can think of…

The best recommendation I saw so far is record it on a second computer. This DJ setup has the physical controller just telling the computer what to do and the computer is doing all the work, so it’s already a festival of sound pathways going back and forth.

I see the ‘audio out of the Numark plugged into the Stereo Line-In of the computer’ trick mentioned in the Google search. Problem one is Mic-In is not stereo and it usually overloads and distorts from the powerful mixer signal. Problem two is to split the pathways so Audacity gets the “speaker feed.” The only way to do that is set Audacity to record Stereo-Mix and Stereo-Mix feeds everything the computer is doing, not just the speaker feed.

Maybe the Windows elves will drop in and comment, but I don’t see any way to deal with this inside a single computer. Interestingly, one of the common questions is whether Serato has recording software, and the answer seems to be no.


Well thanks Koz. I guess I am screwed, lol. I wish there was a way to put audicity to stero mix & stero mix-feed, but i guess theres not. Oh buy the way I heard that serto does come w/ a record function, but you have to pay for the download…