New to Audacity: Mic identified but not recording


I have recently bought a v8 sound card and condensing mic to record with. I hooked them up to my computer and eventually got both Audacity and my PC to identify the V8 microphone. But when I go on Audacity and try to record with my mic ( Audio Setup → Recording Device → Microphone (v8) ), there is no waveform when I record. It also shows no sound when I monitor the mic levels, I only pick up any audio when I set the recording device to my laptop’s default Realtek mic, despite the v8 being detected by both my machine and Audacity.

I am sure it is likely that this is a simple fix that I am unaware of, so any help for a newbie would be greatly appreciated!

Check your Windows Security Permissions and you can also test the microphone (without Audacity or any application) with Listen To This Device

Thanks for the reply. I have done these already and Audacity is allowed access to the microphone.

And in doing the microphone testing, my PC picks up 0% audio from the v8.

The v8 soundcard and mic needs to be working in windows before trying Audacity. I assume you are using USB to computer
Check Sound settings and additional sound settings and that device is listed and enabled. OR search taskbar Control panel to go to control panel and goto sounds. Check devices are selected also that volume is turned up and level. Turn off audio enhancements in windows at least until you get it working. Also try set V8 as default.

Check if windows mixer is enabled…it may be hidden or greyed out. click show hidden devices.

Have you tried any other inputs or outputs on the V8 are they working.
OR…??? … "phantom Power for condenser mic…??

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