New to Audacity I need a tip how to do this...

Alright so basically I play the guitar right and I’ve recorded myself play it on a backing track well here’s the problem the backing track is a bit too loud and what I want to do is boost the guitar a bit more so I can hear it better. Everything is on one track though so is this even possible ? D:

What did you use for the recording App?

The whole idea behind Overdubbing is to get Audacity to record separate tracks for each instrument and voice. Then it’s a snap to apply effects, filters and corrections to each one by itself before you mix it down into a finished song.

Once you mix down into one track, you’re dead. We can’t take apart a mixed performance into individual parts for correction.

Nobody said you can’t make a wild recording on your phone while listening to the backing track from your laptop’s Audacity. That’s a little harder, but you can totally do that. That’s how Josh (lower-left) created this tune.

Those people are in different cities, and no, it’s not a Skype recording.


I just used my phone to record it then I copied the file to my pc and now I don’t know what to do… Everything is on one track this video is perfect but the guitar is too low :frowning:

I just used my phone to record it

If you recorded everything at once, then you’re stuck.

What you’re supposed to do is record, say, just the guitar part all the way through, move the file to Audacity, and then play that into your headphones while you record the vocal. Then move the vocal over to Audacity. That gives you the performance split and you can apply effects to each one until it sounds perfect.

After you mix it all together, that’s the end of the world.

You could play some tricks. Play the mixed show into your headphones while you record the guitar part again. Then move that over to Audacity and mix the guitar parts. Everybody will think you were two different guitars playing behind your voice.


Audacity will extract and open the sound portion of a video, but you’ll need a real video editor to recombine a patched sound track with the video no matter how you do it.