New to audacity help

I am an average computer user can usually figure things out, however, I downloaded audacity becasue I thought I could have two sound tracts following one another with the first one fading out and the second one coming in at the app-ropriate time and then put a voice over them. The sound tracks are in my itunes how do I get them into audacity then record the voice over. Or can I not do this at all. I want to add the and production to a Powerpoint. I am not a manul person. :blush:
Many thanks for any help.

The sound tracks are in my itunes

How did you get them there? If they are downloaded and protected sound files, you will not be able to just drag them out to the desktop and then Import them into Audacity. Try it. Select one of the songs and see if it will let you drag it to the desktop.

Managing the two sound files should not be a problem, but the voice-over may be fun.

I know you can hear the whole show in your head and it’s just a matter of getting it all into hardware, but you did pick something deceptively complex.

Can you record the voice track cold, no music? Maybe just by timing it with a watch? That would solve a lot of production problems. You can combine three sound files (two music and one voice) a lot simpler than getting set up for overdubbing/sound-on-sound, although we can do that as well.

Have you ever recorded a voice track?

That, too, is deceptively complex.


Yes Audacity can do this. The first job is to find where those audio files actually are.
The songs displayed in iTunes are like a catalogue - it’s a list of all of your music files, not the actual files. I don’t use iTunes but I expect that you can probably right click on the files or something like that to find out where the actual files are located. Once you’ve found the files you can either drag and drop them into Audacity, or use File menu > Import > Audio.
You will probably need to have FFmpeg installed:

Thank you Kozikowski AND Steve,
I was able to get the two music files into audio and will have to play with how I get them to play smoothly after each other. No I have not done the voice over cold. What I usually do is record both the music and the voice by: playing the music in the background and reading the text powerpoint as it moves to get the timing right. I do this on a digit6al recorder then I convert the file into WAV and attach it to the powerpoint. But this time I have two types of music, and a music change it not easy or smooth in powerpoint. I cannot get that smoth transition from one song to the other. Sounds choppy. so thought if I could do it this way then it would give a better transition. So how do I do voice?
Thanks for your help.