New to Audacity but confused about Nyquist

When I try to install Nyquist I get a prompt to enter a file name. But I’m confused because the prompt seems to assume I already have Nyquist or some other plugin installed. There has to be an initial file I can download. I’m missing a step somewhere. It seems like a chicken-and egg conundrum.

Middle of the movie problem.

From the top: I’m in Audacity [version number] and I want to install the [named] Nyquist filter or effect that I got from [somewhere].

Fill in the holes. We have to build your system in our heads to do this and the more info the better.


“Nyquist” is a scripting (programming) language that is built into Audacity.
“Nyquist scripts” are little programs that may be run in Audacity.
“Nyquist plug-ins” are effects / generators / analyzers that are written in the Nyquist language and may be installed in Audacity.

did you look here

Thanks. That clears it up.