New to Audacity and home recording

Hello everyone,

I am totally new to Audacity and home recording so please make responses very simple.

My problem is I can not get my Line6 ux2 and Audacity to communicate. I updated all my line6 drivers including the Money. I am using Pod Farm 2. I can hear my guitar tone when my PA speaker is plugged into the Phones port of the UX2. (should I be doing this?) I have gone into Audacity’s Devices menu under Preferences and nothing I do in there seems to work. There volume meters on Audacity are picking up nothing. I am using Windows 7.


I can hear my guitar tone when my PA speaker is plugged into the Phones port of the UX2.

Either that or your headphones. Both should work. My keyboard only has a Phones connection and that’s how I connect it to my sound system and recorder.

You got me with the Pod Farm 2 software. My first reaction is Audacity doesn’t like playing with others very well. I can tell you that Audacity can work with anything Windows can see. So close Audacity and dig in windows control panels and see if the UX2 shows up there.

There is also the oddity that Audacity looks for new devices when it starts. Restart and see what happens.


Well I can hear my guitar through audacity if I right click my mouse on the input level meter icon and select start monitoring. When I do this there is about 2 second delay from the time I strike a note and hear it through the speaker. And I have to select start monitoring everytime I want to start a new track or want to start playing again. Something is not right here. Was audacity made to run off a microphone and not a “middle man program” like pod farm?

I think you’re just doing it wrong. You’re using the overdubbing tools, right?

You are probably listening to “one computer late” in your headphones. It’s rarely possible to listen to yourself through the computer and hear everything in real time.

I wrote most of the three “perfect overdubbing” tutorials and I did it each time with special hardware. For one example, this is a Samson G-Track microphone.

It has a mixer in its bottom and it will mix the old Audacity rhythm and base (not bass) tracks with the new performance in perfect, real time. The other two pieces of hardware will do that, too.

If your devices and hardware will not do that, then it’s much more difficult.

So where are you?


Are you selecting the Line6 as playback and recording device in Device Toolbar ?