New to Audacity... 1st posted question

Hello all,

this is my first posting on this forum. I just started using Audacity as of yesterday. I have used some different recording programs before.

I just practiced laying some vocal tracks on an original song and then highlighted the track, went to “effects” and added “delay”. I then saved the project.

I now realize I don’t like the delay I added and I can’t figure out how to put the vocal track back to it’s original sound with NO effects.

Can somebody please tell me how to remove “effects” from a track after you have saved the track.

cheers and thanks


Unfortunately you can’t. Audacity uses “destructive” editing, and furthermore the “undo” history is not saved with the project.

– Bill

At each major step in production, Export As WAV to get a different high quality sound file you can go back to if the show doesn’t work out. People like to do production and destroy the original sound files as they go. I think that’s crazy talk. One mistake and you have no show and no way to get one.

At the very least, after you capture your voice, Export As WAV immediately and make a safety copy. You can also Save Project As… multiple times with different names while you’re editing.

You can change Audacity preferences to Always Copy Files (Safer). That will make sound file management a little less hazardous.


Another option is to duplicate the track before you apply the effect.

– Bill

AWESOME advice everyone…thank you