New Sounds for Sat Nav systems

Has any board members done any work using Audacity to record and create new voices for installing into Sat Navs

The two big suppliers Tom Tom and Garmin provide a free program to record new voices BUT none of the other makers offer any service and I see Audacity is recommended as a way of making these new voices.

I have it installed on Windows 7 but cannot see how.

Tom Tom and Garmin systems seem to use Linuk systems whereas other seem to use Windows CE

Making a new voice requires 50-60 words or short phrases to be recorded separately then combined into 2 output files which are then put into the /voices folder of the Sat Nav device.

Any experiences welcomed as I am working on a project in this area.

Audacity can record, edit and produce the audio, but as with cell-phone ring tones, the usual difficulty is not that part, but converting the audio into the format required by the device and persuading the device to accept the audio. We can help with the audio part, but for the rest you would probably be best to Google for information about the specific device.