New recording issue

Hello !

I have a litlle problem since yesterday.
Everytime i put my selecting tool on a specific track to continue the recording of this exact track, if i start recording Audacity will juste start the record at the end of the longest track of the project, or sometimes on a new mono track, at the end of the project still.
I can’t figure out a way to fix this issue.
I don’t want audacity to create a new track and i want to be able to record anywhere i want in the project.

Thanks for the help in advance !

If you want to record into a stereo track, you must record 2 channels stereo.
If you are recoding in mono, you can only record into a mono track.

I actually figured something out, i can’t record in a stereo track.
It works just fine with a mono track, but the issue happens every time i try to record in a stereo track.

Ok i found out, it was just the wrong mic … How stupid am I :cry: