New PSR S750

I had Audacity working fine with my PSR E413 with one 1/4" jack cable.
How do I connect this keyboard to my Windows 7 PC? What cables do I connect where?
What Audacity settings do I need to get it to work?
I have a Logitech Stereo speaker system connected to the PC.
Any help appreciated.

Windows 7 PC

Win7 PC? or Windows 7 laptop?

In other words, see .


Hi All,
Windows 7 PC, confirmation. Since posting I have had success using my PSR 413 lead in the headphone socket, but I am not sure that this is the right way to proceed.
I have never used MIDI, should I buy a cable and connect using MIDI R&L sockets at the back of the PSR S750?

MIDI is not “audio”. Audacity does not support recording or playing MIDI. Please see the link that Gale posted for further information.