New "only one rare use" way of changing sound pitch

I don’t know if this is already possible or not so I thought that asking “devs” is better than asking forum.

So on Youtube when you speed up a video the sound speeds up but pitch doesn’t change with the speed.
So when I try to do 120FPS video I have to upload it with 60fps and then ask people to speed it up. but the sounds are all messed up.
I found a way to kinda fix it and it was by changing the pitch of the sound but this wasn’t perfect.
The way I understand the speeding up sound works on Youtube is that it just takes the vibrations and make them go closer to each other causing many problems.
So even though I got the pitch right. The sounds where still crammed together causing problems.
So… Can someone code a pitch changer that would fix this problem.

Picture of how badly lost I am on this topic:
Picture of actual audio diffrences between normal and my fix: (Upper is my fix lower is the normal)

My crappy tests: Only slowed down Slowed down and then changed pitch
Original song:

And pls DO NOT tell me to just not upload 120fps videos. You do not know what it is like to have high refresh rate monitor.

If the purpose of this is to play a video on YouTube at 120 fps, I suspect this is going to work in the way that you are hoping.
When you play a 60 fps YouTube video at 2x speed, does it play at 120 fps, or does it play at 60 fps and drop every other frame?
You may be able to check that with Google Chrome “FPS meter”, which is a tool in Google Chrome:
F12 > More Tools > Render settings > FPS meter.

Regarding slowing down the audio: Try the “Change Tempo” effect:

When you speed up a video it plays the video with 2x speed with out skipping frames. As I have 240Hz monitor I can speed up a video to 4x and still see every frame of the video.

For me 60 fps looks like 30fps looks like for you. That is why I want to share 120fps content.

The tempo change sounds like what it should sound like. And when you think about it, it might be exactly what youtube does when it slows down or speeds up videos.


When YouTube increases the speed of the sound, it does so by removing small sections from the audio - the audio equivalent of dropping frames.

So we need to figure out what is the frame rate of the audio and then slow down audio so it plays only the coorrect frames of audio in the youtube video. And because pitch change copies near sound waves and makes them shorter that is why it kinda works but it doesn’t.

Weird that it would speed up the audio like that but play all frames of the video… Makes no sense. :confused:

Audio doesn’t have a frame rate. YouTube just cuts it into pieces and drops every other piece. The pieces that are retained are a little longer than the pieces that are dropped so as to allow for a short crossfade from one piece to the other.

When viewed on Chrome, the frame rate is 60 fps whether at normal speed or double speed.