New Olympus audio recorder but has a problem

Hi everyone, and thank you for letting me join your wonderful forum. I am a videographer and getting good audio is very important to me. I use Audacity all the time for editing interviews, great program and long may it be around. Last year I bought an Olympus LS 12 recorder and it worked straight out of the box. No problems with it. In the past few months I have needed to purchase another one, got it a few days ago and one of the two lights above the lcd screen isn’t working. I need the metronome to work and with only one light working, the left one, looks like I may have to send it back again :cry: .Everything else on the device is working fine. Do any of you guys own a LS 12 and have you ever encountered this problem? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again.

On a different Olympus, I can turn the lights on and off with a system setting. But I can’t do it one at a time. I think that’s broken.

looks like I may have to send it back again

The English didn’t work. The first part of the post says you were happy with one and you decided to buy a second one. The last part of the post says you sent them back multiple times.

What really happened?

I got mine from B&H PhotoVideo in New York a respected supplier.


I still have both recorders at the moment, sorry for the misunderstanding. I don’t see any setting that allows me to turn the blue led lights off, must be a different model you have. The recorder was bought as new from Amazon, so I am surprised it has a problem.

Amazon is the Purchase Manager. Who did you really buy it from? It should say somewhere on your sales contract.

Olympus supplied by Western Music, Inc. Maybe not, but that’s how it’s been working.

It’s not obvious how to turn the lights off. Mine is a WS-823 which is both entertainment recording and casual background recording. I can look it up.




The LED setting turns my version of your recording lights off.