New & needing advice

Hello, I am legally blind & not tech savvy , my question is; Is there a tool in your software that will automatically correct my sound? Or, do I have to know what I am doing & correct myself? lol, What I am trying to improve is audio that was recorded with an external mic, on a new camcorder, first time using & there are two mic settings 0dB or +10dB < I mistakenly used the +10dB and the sound is very distoted! It is a live band & I hate that I ruined the recording :disappointed: Is there any hope for me to fix? Thanks, so much, for any help you may give. And thanks for the Audacity Software!

Sadly, there isn’t much you can do. Even if you had recorded with the setting at 0dB it might still be distorted by a rock band.

“Overload distortion” is [u]clipping[/u] and there is no way to know the original height or wave shape of the original waveform. There is a is a Clip Fix effect that you can try but it may not improve the sound of the distortion.