New member looking for direction and advice

Hello everyone!!
I am a new member here and a complete rookie in the recording world but a die hard fan of audio books and voice over artists to where I want to become one too… at some point. My question is how do I get started like whats the very first step… I read so many discussions in forums here talking about audition and rejection and accepting and I am super curious to know how can step in the door and start my journey.
Super awesome thanks in advance for everyone’s time for reading this and giving me our replies. I am here to stay and really looking for y’all to sprinkle/share some magic voice over dust with me.

die hard fan of audio books

Who is your favorite reader and how many of their books do you have? Do you check them out of the library and listen to them while running on the beach?

My favorite voiceover guy is Don LaFontaine. He got so identified with the coming attractions voice-overs that Geico Insurance got him to do it as a spoof.

Who do you like?

Are you a writer? Will you be reading your own works?

I read so many discussions in forums here talking about audition

We gave up talking to the ACX/Audible company because we needed to talk about basic recording skills and all they wanted to talk about was contractual representation, promotional techniques, and advertising exposure recommendations. We lost each other at “Hello.”

If you’re a writer, has anybody else read your works?

Has someone else heard you speak and wants you to read their book?

Does your voice scare the horses?

Do you have an iPhone?


can step in the door and start my journey.

The reading thing isn’t the goal…unless it is. Are you going to get good at voice work and then go do something else?

I ask that because what usually happens is someone buys a microphone promising to make them a star, badly reads an entire book and then posts on the forum wanting us to “clean it up” so they don’t have to read it again.

So you’re actually ringing alarm bells.

Have you done any voice work? Do you have a podcast or other internet show?


So here is a place to start: How to Become an Audiobook Narrator, but I assume you have already read it. Note that it contains links to other audiobook guides.

Other than what koz (and others) have posted, Audacity does not have any audiobook tutorials. But here is a technical guide: Audiobook Mastering

I think you answered your own question…