New manual format is unredable

There is a problem with new audacity guide. I often use the 78 equalization page. But now this page is in a new format. This page is unreadable because the EQ tables are truncated. The old format was very suitable. Is it possible to find the old formatted page?
Thank you!

Does this help? Probably not exactly what you want because if you are using a regular preamp with RIAA EQ, you’d want the difference.

As you may know, 78’s weren’t high fidelity and they weren’t played on high-fidelity systems (the early gramophones didn’t have any electronics) so I wouldn’t be afraid to EQ by ear if you can make it sound better than the specified curve.

This page? Playback equalization for 78 rpm shellacs and early 33⅓ LPs - Audacity Wiki

Helo Steve,
Thank you very much! This page is very usable. I will keep the link!

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