Well, I knew the time would come…

Been using Audacity for YEARS without any latency issues and just yesterday they started en masse! Now I can’t record a single thing without latency. Not sure where to start…



OKAY! So, I think I discovered something!..

At the upper left side of the screen in the gray bar just above the tracking area, there is a drop down menu with three options. They are:

Windows Direct Sound
Windows WASAPI

I have no idea what any of these are, but I noticed that Windows Direct Sound was selected. I must have chosen this by accident because I’m pretty sure MME is what I typically use. Sure enough I switched back to MME and the latency problem disappeared!! YAY! There also was no latency while using the Windows WASAPI option which I experimented with. However, the wave form became larger while using the Windows WASAPI option and it was also accompanied with a bit of a Reverb of sorts. So, yeah… If anybody cares to shed some light on that it would be appreciated!!

Until then, I’ll keep on recording under the MME option and hope for the best!

Thank you Audacity!!


For most purposes MME is the best option.

Windows 10 provides 3 “host” options:

  • MME (Windows Multimedia) has been around for many years, is well supported by sound card drivers, and generally very reliable.
  • Direct Sound was commonly used in Windows XP but was later dropped and is only emulated in Windows 10.
  • WASAPI is the newest option and is most useful for recording sounds that are playing on the computer (using a “loopback” device). Some older sound cards have problems with MME.

AWESOME! Just what I was looking for!

Super good to know!