New laptop won;t load audacity

Hi, I’ve just bought a new laptop, & when I tried to load audacity it says this app is not recognised by Windows & to load a version from the windows store. However when I try that, I keep getting the same message. Can anyone please help, I’m lost without Audacity,
Ps. I’m not very computer savvy. Thanks

Load it from the official Muse Audacity site:


Thanks for the link I’ll give it a try later. I’m on my old laptop at he mo. Audacity’s still working on that.

The one from the Windows store may NOT be the “real Audacity”. (At one time it wasn’t.)

I had something like this happen with a new computer once but I don’t remember if it was blocking Audacity and I don’t remember what the fix was. :frowning: …I think the original configuration would only allow applications from the Microsoft store.

Check this or this or Google “this app is not recognized by Windows” or whatever the exact message is.

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