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cant get to work thru audiobox usb. Midiplus ak490, have usb power cable and another cable midi out on keys to midi in the back of audiobox, can you help? 2.1.2, window 7

Audacity isn’t a MIDI application. I think you need a MIDI application to convert the MIDI messages to sound, unless the AudioBox is taking care of that.

Are you getting keyboard sound with headphones connected to the AudioBox? If you are getting sound with headphones, I assume the same sound is going-out over the USB port and you can record it. If not, you need a different application.

I presume that you mean “Presonus AudioBox USB”

To record from your controller keyboard you need either an application that can create sound from the MIDI messages (such as “Studio One Artist”) or a "MIDI sound module. See section 4.3 of your user manual for more information:

wow I messed up with this midi thing, my old radio shack, just plugged in, more trouble than I see the benefit in.

wow I messed up with this midi thing, my old radio shack, just plugged in, more trouble than I see the benefit in.

You can get a keyboard with both audio and MIDI and you don’t have to use the MIDI. You can also get keyboards with built-in speakers so you don’t have to connect anything (unless you want to record).

Most keyboards that have a USB port have a USB port that’s for MIDI only (no audio) so you have to record analog (maybe with a Y-Splitter so you can plug in your headphones/speakers while recording). Some keyboard’s USB ports work for both audio and MIDI, but it seems rare.

You can use your AudioBox for recording analog, or if you have a desktop/tower computer you can plug into your soundcard’s line input.

MIDI is more involved than plugging a keyboard into an amp or computer for recording.

There are editing advantages because after “recording” MIDI you can change/correct a note or timing, or transpose, change from a piano to a saxophone sound, or even create a full orchestra. But, you might want to just “plug and play” without all of that.

my old radio shack, just plugged in

You can get insanely lucky.

If you have your computer set to record internet sound and you plug your MIDI keyboard in, you can record your music in one step. But you’re not really recording your keyboard. As above comments, your keyboard is playing the MIDI software inside your computer and that’s what’s going in the recording. You can sometimes tell what you’re doing by the software allowing you to change the instrument in the song. MIDI tells the computer “Be a Grand Piano” and that’s what the software sounds like. But you can take over at the computer and make it play any instrument you want.

If you’re really recording the keyboard, you can only change the instrument at the keyboard. Keyboard voices are usually better. My big Yamaha has (they tell me) voices taken from actual locations.

I have two keyboards a 61 and an 88 and in both cases, I record the headphone connection because the USB connection is MIDI-only.

If you have a Windows laptop, that can give you yet even more problems. Most newer Windows laptops don’t have stereo connections.


This midiplus ak490 keyboard does not have a headphone out, guess I am screwed.

No, you just need to do it the hard way. Play the MIDI software in your computer and record that. It’s harder, but not impossible.