New Here with basic questsion

good morning

I have been reading but can’t find this basic answer.

I have Audacity on my windows 10 Lenovo think pad which is new as of two week now.

During a zoom call, I want to record voice on the computer and my voice in the room. (doesn’t work now with Audacity or Voice Recorder)

I was easily able to do this zoom audio recording only with the Voice Recorder app (comes with windows 10) on my 5 year old Lenovo Thinkpad with windows 10 for 5 years. Something changed on the new computer.

Any ideas how to get sound recording from zoom on both sides?
Scratching my head.
thank you!

This is much more complicated than it may appear at first.

The problem is that Zoom controls the computer’s sound card and sets the microphone (only) as the recording input.
On some older computers it was possible for Audacity to sidestep the setting made by zoom by recording from “Stereo Mix” or “What U Hear”, but these options are rarely found on modern computers, and if they do, they frequently don’t work.

The simplest option is to use Zoom’s built in recorder.

Thank you very much!
Had it easy on my old computer,
Appreciate your time and help

Skype and Zoom and others will record the voices for you and present you with good quality sound files. Some have the option of recording you and the guest on separate files. Read your instructions. This problem came up almost immediately with interviews, podcasts, and other presentations.

The desperation method is go hands-free and lay your phone down half-way between the computer speakers and you. Most phones have their microphone on the bottom. my iPhone does. Run Voice Memo (iPhone) or other sound recorder on the phone and record the room. Obviously, you should turn notifications, ringing, and other phone noise-makers off and the quieter the room, the better.

The nondigital broadcast method is with a sound mixer, microphones, and a separate connection to the computer. Your voice goes through he mixer to both the computer and a separate high quality sound recorder. The guest voice goes into a separate mixer channel and is recorded on a separate channel of a sound recorder. Mix later.

That’s how I shot this badly edited interview with Denise. She’s three time zones away.

This was an engineering test. And yes, you can mix in music and local actors. Once you break out of the Zoom/Skype/Meetings environment, you can do whatever you want.


Thank you, amazing creativity.