New Headset

Ive just bought a new headset and have the option of plugging into the comp
using usb

Have done this but no sound is appearing on audacity …

any advice ? thanks

Is the headset mic on the list of recording devices “seen” by Audacity ? …
recording devices menu.png

If not try restarting Audacity with the headset plugged-in.

from the book I realise that the usb is only there to get power to
put on the coloured lights that are in the headset

I guess I must use the usual plug

I put in my old mic and was nt getting sound in audacity with that either

I ve just scrolled down and put in … mic realtek hi definition … and bingo
my old mic has started to work !

just put the new headset in press record… hardly getting any movement in the recording line
I playback and hear a murmering very low
I go to effect and amplify the signal I get my voice but very poor recording
not a patch on my old mic

It is a gaming headset so maybe that has something to do with it ?

You may need to enable the new headset in Windows audio devices before Audacity can “see” it.

You may be recording the computer’s internal microphone instead of the headset,
try gently tapping the computer & headset while recording to determine where you are recording from.

no , Im sat a good 5 feet away from the desktop computor

my old mic is I think a good one… logic 3… but even when I record with
that I get very little movement in the recording line

I record with it then go to amplify and end up with a good audio result in the end

but this new head set and mic… brand new, you d think Id be getting perfect audio
but no its aweful and I ve got the recording volume on audacity at 90%

If it has an inbuilt mic, it can still hear you 5 feet away, (it won’t be loud though).

There may be microphone level sliders in Windows-sound you can turn up …

It is a gaming headset so maybe that has something to do with it ?

Don’t gaming headsets (meant for the Xbox etc) have slightly different pinouts to regular (PC) headsets?
Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 3.35.02 PM.png

thanks for help but Im getting nowhere
I went into settings … sound etc and the levels all seem right

my old mic is working just as it always does and I can get a good recording
with that

Pity that this new headset and mic I bought ( £20 ) is just not performing in audacity atall
and seems I can do nothing about it

Im on windows 10 … is there a recording device on there I could maybe try ?

just found … voice recorder… on my computor…

got a good result with my old mic … hopeless with my new headset