New forum logo

I thought the logo was pretty boring so I did some work and here’s my new logo!

I am a pro in graphics arts :smiley:

P.S. choose the background color if you wish.

Nice work - it looks great against a dark background. There’s some really “dynamic” stuff going on in those white flashes.

You are not the first person to propose a new logo - there is a proposal page on the Audaciity Wiki - see:

I would suggest that you post your suggestion there - but note that there is no developer support yet for such change.


Oh. Is it possible to send this to the admins?

The proposals page I gave you the link for is “the admins” - these sections of the Wiki are where the developers and QA folk hang out (but note that there are not an awful lot of them - this is a lean project).

You can create yourself a Wiki account - it is an open Wiki - but it is moderated, so keep it terse and to the point (that will be much appreciated).


Currently the logo incorporates the icon into its design. By that standard, your logo doesn’t really work except for the typeface, which I think is fantastic.

Maybe if you start with an icon of multiple sizes and then incorporate your icon into your logo, you would have a proposal that would be more implementation friendly.

Basically your logo is too nice. Imagine sticking it on top of this forum page for instance. Would it fit?


I asked a friend of mine a while back to review the logo (she has worked as marketeing manager with brand responsibility for large corporations - and her husband is an Audacity user so she knows the s/w) - she said that she thooght that the current graphical image was good, scales well - and has good brand recognition. But she said she thought the typeface looked very old-fashioned with the seriphs that it has.

So I’d love to see what defygravity’s typeface would look like with the existing logo.


@defygravity: your username reminds me of my all-time favourite graffito which used to be painted on a railway bridge in South London - it said “Down with gravity

So I’d love to see what defygravity’s typeface would look like with the existing logo.

Exactly, or with any logo that has a matching icon with it ready-made. It would make it easier for the developers to incorporate it back into the project if they have a matching logo and the icons (two sizes, big and small) ready-made.

I think we should have an Audacity Gallery. There’s been some great “Audacity” artwork published here on the forum and on the mailing lists, but who knows where those images are now. There’s also been some nice “Themes” produced. Hopefully Theme support will be reintroduced at some point.

“she said she thought the typeface looked very old-fashioned with the seriphs that it has.”
True, but I like it :smiley:
The Audacity graphical interface is not going to look “trendy” at any time in the foreseeable future because of its dependence on WxWidgets.
WxWidgets is the GUI and tools library that Audacity uses. It is heavily integrated into the code and is responsible for graphical interface. Some of the benefits of WxWidgets are that it is open source, cross-platform, and powerful/versatile enough to provide the GUI features that Audacity requires. The down side is that it is ugly. Perhaps ugly is too strong (perhaps not), but WxWidgets applications “always” have a look that few would call pretty or trendy. It’s perhaps not so bad on Mac, but on Windows and Linux I think it looks like it’s made of Lego. On Windows it’s rather “Win 3.1” - perhaps Win “Win 98”, but certainly “retro”. The current logo is to my eye quite in-keeping with what Audacity looks like.

Perhaps wxSkin may one day provide a means of “updating” the look, but it would need to be mature enough to be stable and cross-platform. I certainly would not want Audacity made prettier if doing so impinged on performance, stability or reliability - that was the problem with “Themes” and why it has been temporarily removed.

I think Audacity is so retro its trendy. I love the big buttons. The ergonomic interface works better for me because I kept hitting the record button when I meant to hit play.

I have a lot of those images stored, but have lacked the time to load them into Proposal New Logo. Users often write to feedback@ too to offer logos and icons.

The stock answer to a new logo submission runs something like this:

We don’t have any plan to change the logo/icon in the near future,
because we would prefer to change related design elements (logo,
icon, web site, software theme) at the same time in a unified way,
when we are able to support theming properly. See: >

Generally when I’ve suggested people posting their designs to Proposal New Logo, they don’t for whatever reason (maybe Wiki unfamiliarity). I agree (and Dominic does) that it would be good to have a Gallery on the Wiki. I think Themes (when we support that again) could include alternative logos that fitted with the theme. For our official logo though I doubt anything that strays a long way from what we have now will ever gain Team consensus

I think the retro typeface does indeed fit the retro main web site and retro design of the software. I actually don’t think it fits the header here on the Forum at all…