new file saved on top of my old .aup file - need the old one

using Audacity 2.1.2.

First I saved filename.aup, then opened another window and recorded stuff and when closing audacity it saved the new recording with the same name as filename.aup.

Can I still get somehow the first recording back? I havent closed win10 yet, maybe even the audacity has been on.

Help needed…

maybe even the audacity has been on.

If you never closed Audacity, then Edit > UNDO should take you all the way back to the original work.

Once you close Audacity, it flushes the caches, memory, UNDO, etc.

There’s a good chance its still there. I don’t think Audacity will knowingly reuse the filename unless the UNDO was still working. It thinks everything you did was all part of one show.


I don’t think Audacity supports running two of them at once, so that may be a problem. I don’t know which UNDO would have your old show. I wouldn’t do that again.