New Equipment

I purchased an ION iTTUSB and am trying to find simple directions to use it for the first time. ie put vinyl on turntable, turn on computer, turn on turntable, put arm on vinyl etc, to get music onto cd. I don’t understand and I am using audacity software. I need to have someone help me and if they can, send me an email at

, then:

  1. Plug your ION into the compter’s USB socket.
  2. upload the latest version odf Audacity, 1.2.6 - you probably have 1.2.4 shipped with the ION - get it from
  3. Start up Audacity
  4. Ensure Audacity is set up properly - read the ION manual - and the Audacity Wiki - particularly the pages
  5. Then Do all the steps you have enumerated
  6. Record the Audacity project - put both sides of an LP into the same project - use the Pause when side 1 finishes
  7. Save the project
  8. Optional: edit out clicks and pops
  9. Optional: use the Normalize effect on the project to “standardize” the sound level
  10. Divide project into tracks - use CtrlB to create labels at track breaks
  11. Use the Export Multiple as WAV - to export your project as a set of WAV files
  12. Use your CD burner software to create a Music CD NOT a data CD - use a good quality CD-R disc NOT a CD-RW
  13. Test the CD
  14. Optional - but highly recommended: abckup the WAV files somewhere (e.g. on an external USB disc)
  15. Delete the Audacity project files
    16 - repeat for next LP