New Effect Plug-in: "Variable Tremolo"

This plug-in produces a “Tremolo” effect in which the frequency and depth of the tremolo is varies from an initial setting to a final setting.

To put it another way, it makes the loudness wobble and you can set the speed of the wobble and the amount that it wobbles for both the start of the selection and the end of the selection.

Installation is in the normal way - copy the .NY file into your Audacity plug-in folder and restart Audacity.
This effect will be listed in the Effect menu as “Variable Tremolo”.

(Plug-in requires Audacity 1.3.x)
vari-tremolo.ny (1.57 KB)
Latest version available on the wiki:

this plug-in is the best that has happened now days for me. Thanks.

You’re welcome.
I’d be interested to hear what you do with this effect - perhaps you could post a link to a sound sample when you have had time to play with it.

Use this plugin is perfect to make ramps in Isochronic tones.

There is still no a plugin that build all configuration one or session for Isochronic tones, from my knowledge, therefore need us to do manually.

But using a tremolo we can build isochronic tones simple way.

Now, we can configurate isochronic tones to uses different, within them awakening mind or deep relax or inducing sleep, and many other uses, according to this site for example:

From my experience I can say that are very powers to make brain massage, Awake, relax or sleep. Others altered states probably, maybe later I aventure to experiment.

Isochronics tones for mind training or alter awareness states are based from brain patterns waves such as Delta, theta, Alfa, Beta, Gamma…
Each frequency range report different mind states, physical or/and emotion states.

Apply Isochronic tones we simulate these states, dragging neurons to pulse to the Isochronic configuration made.

Thus, we train our brain for execute synchronises pulses into wish frequencies resulting in very interesting experiences.


If we wish to be very alerts and focus.
A awareness state how this is reported by a Electroencephalography EEG while monitor someone executing task that request to be alert, it giving us know that person to be in such activity while show rhythms en the Beta and Gamma rank, aprox. within 14 and 100hz.

We know then that band beta is the rank that wish us simulate.
Setting a Isochronic tone that pulse in that frequency bands.

One possible configuration can be:

40hz…10 min
glide 40 to 22…5 sec
22hz…5 min
glide 22 to 18…5 sec
18hz…5 min

or other uses:

Make it with tremolo it’s simple. For the glides we can use this plugin, easy.

without tremolo do it requires more time and labor

Here sample
applied variable tremolo at 2 min. for 5 sec.

Thanks Steve, Excellent contribution to humanity.

I have hope been understood from my grade of English.

That’s very interesting. Thanks for the feedback and I glad you find it useful.

Plug-in moved to wiki: