New DJ, looking for general preferred settings

Hi there. I’m a relatively new DJ (spinning all vinyl - yeah!) and I would like to record my sets using Audacity. Looking for some good all-around Audacity settings (quality, latency, etc.) I’m running a MacBook Pro, external USB hard drive, Behringer U-Phoria UM@ interface. Running XLR out of the mixer into 1/4" input on the interface, mono track. Nothing fancy, but would love any tips from DJs out there as to what your preferred settings are. Thanks!

Can we assume lower case “@”? I have a UM2. I also have a Behringer UCA-202 which is stereo and that’s what I use between my mixer and the computer.

Are you doing it with the UM2 because you happen to have it?

Do you have an earlier enough MBP to have a Stereo Connection right on its side?

Then you don’t need any adapter at all.

There are no latency settings that affect real-time production and Audacity doesn’t apply filters and effects during recording.

So the goal is to make as perfect a “flat” recording as you can which amounts to peaking the bouncing sound meters about -6 in the loudest part of the show.

And that’s pretty much all your options.

Will you be doing voice-over in the music? There’s a number of options there.

I’m assuming you’re going to mix an evening. Straight through beginning to end, two or three hours. If the goal is to produce a non-real-time dance mix, song at a time, you should say so.

Who’s your favorite DJ? Ever heard them mix live?


Another note. The UM2 has two 1/4" inputs. The Line-In in the center of the XLR connector and the Instrument-In by itself. If you are connecting a mixer, you need the Line-In. Instrument-In has higher sensitivity is likely to overload when connected to a mixer. Instrument-In is intended for a lower volume guitar connection.

The sound meters on the mixer will probably not match the Audacity meters. You are required to get the Audacity meters right as they prevent permanent damage from overload. I set the mixer for normal meters and then adjust the UM2 for Audacity meters. In the case of the UCA-202 which has no adjustments, I adjust the mixer down and use the meters in Audacity for everything.

It is possible to undock the meters and make them very much larger on the screen and run either up and down or sideways. Also, I use the rainbow color meters for recording (easier to see) and RMS meters for playback and editing.