new device

Hi folks

I’ve been an Audacity user for many years, mostly on the same computer. I just bought a new laptop to be used specifically with Audacity and, oops, I’ve forgotten the setup. I have the program loaded but my input and output devices dont show up in the menu.

Windows 10 (without the latest update)
Audacity Version 2.3.0
Input - PreSonus audio interface
Output - headphones connected to Presonus
Any help would be appreciated

Bob H

Which one?
What are you intending to record - microphone?

The first thing to do it to check that the audio device is working correctly with Windows.
Connect the audio device, headphones and audio source (mic or whatever), then open the Windows Sound Control Panel and look in the Recording tab. Ensure that you can see the green meter in the control panel responding to audio input.
Is that working?

Thanks…problem solved
Always a pleasure dealing with you folks

Bob H