New Default for Amplify Effect?

Is there a way I can set the ‘Amplify’ effect to always come up with -50 as the default?

You can silence a selection with Control-L.
You can Normalize to a goal value and that will stick.

You mean that you want to “amplify by -50 dB” ?
That cannot be set as the default, but if you are using the effect several times in a row then use can use Ctrl+R to repeat the effect.

What’s the job that requires this?

Kozikowski answered the question I had in mind but didn’t express well. Thanks!

I do some audio-book work and one of the commonest tasks in editing is to silence a quick gasp between parts of long sentences. The next most common is to silence the gap between sentences.


You could make your own Nyquist plug-in for that.

That’s pretty easy.
You could for instance:

  • Normalize to -50 dB
  • attenuate the audio by e.g. 16 dB (thus, 3 times = -48 dB).
    -Include a short fade in/out in order to make the transition smoother.

A keystroke can be assigned to the effect as well, in this manner, pressing “0” would execute the effect without showing any GUI.