New Computer New Issues

We are a church that just purchased a new computer to run our audio/visual. This computer only has a headphone jack. I downloaded version 2.0.5 We are running from the soundboard into the computer to record the sermons. It only is using the onboard mic and not picking up what is coming from the soundboard. I believed we used the .zip file to download

Your computer is not likely to be suitable if you mean it has a combined input and output. When you connect an input cable to that port it should become an input, but that input is likely to be a microphone input not a line level input. If so it will be mono and will distort if you feed it a signal from a mixer board. At best it may be a “compatible” input that will adjust for line level stereo input but may not be of high quality.

You would be better to buy a USB interface that has a line level input. See for example: .

If you find the input acceptable you will still need to actually select the external input in Audacity’s Device Toolbar . If you don’t see that input in Device Toolbar, enable it in Windows Sound ( ) then restart Audacity.

If you need help, please state exactly what version of Windows you have.