New computer and the latest version of Audacity.


I bought a new computer, and a member here told me to check the input which helped.

But now the sound/modulation isn’t anywhere to the point that I can hear what is recorded.

I tried to attach a second file, but no matter how I cut it back, it’s still too large to attach here.

I really don’t know what I’m doing.

W. Kirk Crawford
Tularosa, New Mexico
11-29-2020.aup (37 KB)

So you have very generously told us the solution, but we still have no idea what the problem is. :confused:

So here is a new problem, but is the old problem still present? :question:

Would you mind starting over? What are you trying to accomplish and what have you done to achieve that goal; what you expect and what has fallen short of your expectations?

Your 11-29-2020.aup file does not contain any information which will help us today. It points to the audio contained within your 11-29-2020_data directory.

Here is a guide to posting an audio sample: