New comments on Audacity

I just downloaded and am using a portable version of what I thought was Audacity 3. It looks and behaves very differently. Much improved. I just think it’s great to have the data file combined with the aup because now I can keep them in my regular folders. Before, I had to keep them separate from the other parts of my projects, because when I ran a tracklist, the tracklist program would list all of the data files, which made project review cumbersome. Now, that is solved.

I also like the “grabber” for shifting the track. Saves me a step. I haven’t been around in a while. What else is new?

Announcements on the Audacity website:

Thanks. That “grabber” is called the “clip handle.” Nifty. OK. So I’ll take a look at these pages as I go. Thanx again.

Yes. I tend to refer to it as the “drag bar”, but the official name is “clip handle”.

So I converted a couple of my old projects. I have thousands left to convert to aup3. Any shortcuts?

I am not able to open aup3 on windows 8, but I’m ok on windows 10. Does this work on windows 7?

It might do, but Windows 7 is no longer officially supported.

I have access to windows 8 and 10. But I’m experiencing problems. I’m not sure if it’s the machine, but I don’t get sound. The playback meter registers sound, though.

Are there any shortcuts to converting the old files to aup3? I have thousands. So far, I have to open and save each anew.

No. You could experiment with AutoHotkey.

Why not just leave them as “AUP + _data” until you need to use them?

Well, that makes sense. :mrgreen:

Also, there’s a couple of glitches in the current method of converting from the old format to the new. Hopefully these glitches will be fixed in future versions of Audacity. Because of this, I would not recommend batch converting all your old projects - If you do, you should check that they all work correctly before deleting the originals.

I think these are at least most of the conversion issues affecting Audacity 3.1.3: (fixed for the next release)

Hi. I’m not considering deleting the old files because all of those .au files could be of use in an emergency. However, I would like to store them in a separate drive. I ran a tracklist program on one of my drives today, to review a printed list of the whole drive, and the list came out to be 7000 pages. Skimming thelist, I see page after page of .au files. I bet that 5000 of those 7000 pages are filled with .au files. I think I would like to convert the old files and remove them from this drive, so my tracklists are cleaner. I do have all of the old files stored on another drive in another city. The problem is batch conversion of what I am carrying.

I glanced at those links. I don’t think there will be much of a problem if I just save the old projects.

Wow! :astonished: It’s great to be able to change the name on the aup3 file without any problem. This new system is much more like saving any other kind of doc. Really nice.