new code writing in audacity

hi one,
i want to create a new script in audacity regarding audio editing. can anyone help me in searching a script editor in audacity

Nitin Singh

Audacity uses Nyquist Programming to write filters and tools.

If you’re trying to write batch and other processing tools, I believe those are in C++.


This is another good start page for Nyquist scripting:
For working with Nyquist in Audacity I would highly recommend using Audacity 1.3.13 as it has much better support for Nyquist than the old 1.2.x version.
Audacity 1.3.13 is available here:

The simplest type of Nyquist scripts can be run very easily by entering text (code) into the “Nyquist Prompt” (in the Effect menu).
For example, if you want to apply a 6 dB per octave high pass filter with a corner frequency of 1000 Hz to the audio in a track, the following command will do the job:

(hp s 1000)

“hp” is the 6 dB per octave high-pass function name.
“s” is a special global variable that passes audio from the Audacity track to Nyquist.
“1000” is the corner frequency.

hii one
i m still unable to understand how to write a code in audacity for calling and using functions like record, invert, play a wav sound etc. So if possible plz help me regarding the same.
Any help would be appreciable.
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Nitin Singh

Audacity filters like ‘make sound louder’ or ‘compress the sound peaks’ is written in Nyquist.

Chris’s Compressor is a very successful sound compression tool written by Chris Capel using those tools.

Audacity turns control over to an external tool or filter and then continues on with its regular tasks. Changing basic internal program tasks – like how to record or when to play is written in C++.

Some tasks can be batch automated with the Chains tools and Audacity has a simple timer system for unattended recording. Past that it’s very difficult. None of this is available in Audacity 1.2.

Audacity 1.2 is very old and no longer supported,
patched, corrected, or updated. Audacity 1.2 can
be unstable on newer computers.

Download and install the latest Audacity 1.3 from here…

You can install both audacity 1.2 and Audacity 1.3 on
the same computer, but only use one at a time.

Audacity 1.2 will not open projects made on Audacity 1.3.

If you use MP3 or some of the more modern audio
compression formats, get Lame and FFMpeg software
from the same web site. Do not use older software
or software from other web sites, even though they
may have the same names.

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Audacity is designed to be a graphical tool and programming by the user is not required for normal usage.

If you want a command line tool, have a look at SoX

hii one,
Actually i m trying to create a script which automatically start audacity and starts recording function…I have tried to edit the given script example but it is executing with the following error. (12.9 KB)

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actually i have tried many options on audacity but unable to append scripts.

What is the error exactly - what happens? The script you attached looks like the unmodified script in SVN.

Have you read ?


mod-script-pipe is very much a “work-in-progress” and until a few weeks ago has had no work in a long time. It may not be up to the job you are trying to perform. If you are on Windows, have a look at AutoIT3 a free scripting application which works very well with Audacity and can easily start it and begin recording.