New Art Tube USB! Audacity causes crackling!

Once I open up audacity I hear crackling. I will audacity down. Then go back to my sound settings on Windows 7. I will stop the crackling this way and will open back Audacity with the crackling issue to come again. Any ideas? Audacity is my favorite program to record in thank you.

Did you connect through a USB hub? Audio system don’t like that. It produces crackling.

no straight to the motherboard in the back!!! Should I connect to the hub? I have one back there!! connected with mouse and keyboard. i am using the art tube mp pro USB pre amp. to my condenser via XLR… thank you…

see this only happens when i click and open audacity!!! Once i exit audacity, i can still hear the crackling. then i change my settings, crackling goes away, open audacity and still get the noise. very weird. and i love audacity!!!