New and Need Help with Permanent Settings

Hello everyone!
As it says I am new to Audacity. I had found a video that helped me to setup for recordings including presets that they had suggested. Once I did it, it worked all the time. I could start a new project and the same settings along with the settings for example under normalize, the compressor, treble and bass boosts. I didn’t have to save any presets name them or anything. It just kept those same settings -then it stopped doing that. I have tried to search and cannot figure out how to get this working again. Is there a way to get it to stay again as I can’t seem to get it to do that. Any help is MUCH appreciated on this.


As you use effects, Audacity generally remembers the last used settings and proposes them for use the next time you run the program. If you wish to return to the defaults, typically you will find a “Presets” button for that use. Also, you can use Tools > Reset Configuration to reset your preferences for every effect.

When you install a new version of Audacity, you are given the option to Reset your preferences:

which you will have to confirm, once the program starts and is running:

Once you have reset these preferences, I don’t know of anyway to retrieve them.

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