New And Confused User To Audacity...HELP!

Greetings To You All,
I’m using 2.0.6 or at least trying to that is. My intentions are to transfer old cassettes via USB connection from a new cassette deck with USB connection capability. I plug in the device, press play, start the recording, and see no activity on the screen. I am not very familiar with this program, so any help you can offer me as how to do simple recordings that I can download to a CD would be most helpful. Simple instructions would be the best. I’m average with computers. Thank you.

I plug in the device, press play, start the recording

Wrong order. Plug the device in and let Windows chew on it for a bit. Then start Audacity and make sure it’s set to record from the device. Then press Play on one and Record on the other.


I tried that and no go. I tried a cable from the tape deck headphone jack to the microphone input jack on the PC. No go. Its funny though when the microphone to the PC was plugged in, and Audacity was recording, it picked up my voice no problem. What am I doing wrong, or not doing at all? I’m at a loss. Thought it was so simple. Hmmmmm. Thank you again. Any other suggestions?

Take your mouse and click the link Koz gave you. Here it is again in blue It should have everything you need to know.

Are you sure you selected the USB codec as recording device in Audacity’s Device Toolbar? It should look something like this:

To use that setup, you need to power on the turntable and connect the other end of its USB cable to an empty USB port on the computer.