New Amp with Usb Capablity

Hello there people.Hope you guys are enjoying Audacity…I haven’t used mine for a few weeks but I am planning to get busy with some recording!! I have 2 Questions but I’ll just Post the first one now and post the other later.question 2 is a bit more complicated and Very Important and I hope to God someone can help.But fisrt things first.
Ok I just got a new Amp! it’s awesome…brand new…A Peavey Vypyr!!It’s a new Breed of Hybrid amps that were made to combat competition.There’s a name for them,Modeling Amplifiers…because they Emulate the sound of other amps and let you tweek it.Absolutely amazing.But enough that,I’m not trying to sell one!
My Question is here:It has a USB output and says that computers will regonize it as an audio device and you can play strait into your PC.This would be really cool because this has all the effects in the AMP so I wouldn’t have to use the Plug ins for the effects!
So my question is can I use it with Audacity?I hope to God I can…I need to know how to select the Input to put it into Audacity because the signal would not be coming from the Soundcard but a USB port (of course).
And secondly…is it safe to plug it in the Computer?I know this sounds stupid and seems to be self explanitory but I CANNOT AFFORD to make a Mistake with this computer and destroy it!
Anyway,any help or comments appreciated.
Thanks,I will wait for a response.

What this device will have onboard as well as the amp and the other equalization/effects gubbins is its own ADC (Analog to digital converter - aka soundcard). So what it will deliver down the USB cord is not an amplified analog signal, but rather a stream of digibits (the pre-converted signal) - so you should be ok.


I didn’t think they would tell you to do something to zap your PC but I just wanted ti be careful 'cause this is a Powerful Amplifier!
Thanks agin.
I have another question but it can hold BBL.

What’s this got to do with 42-gallon oil barrels?

(OK I’ll have a rant about abbreviations elsewhere :smiley: )

Ok i am wondering If should Post my next question here continuing the Thread or start a new Topic…I remember someone said something about Double Posting…Well If I don’t see any response to this one then I’ll post a new Topic because it is a different wuestion…I think I’ll do that anyway…let me see if there is a response.

Correct forum protocol is indeed to start a new thred for a new question.