New album composed in Audacity

Hello everybody, and thanks for accepting me in this forum.
My name is Luca, I’m from Italu and I am a synthwave/retrowave music producer since 2015. All my music has been produced and recorded on Audacity , with hardware instrumennts (synths, sequencers , drum machines). Also the mix has been done on Audacity. For the master I used a pro studio.
My last album has been produced by two labels, in CD, vinyl and cassette format.
I find Audacity easy and poweful, even if limited compared to other DAW, but imho I always prefer Audacity.
Here is my album, I hope you like it :slight_smile:

Well recorded. You’ve certainly hit the “retrowave” genre.
How did you record your synths? Any tips for getting synths to sit well in a mix with vocals?

Excellent track. I am so curious to know how to mix the synths with vocals. Can it recorded and mixed simultaneously?
Please advise.
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I like the track! Solid mix to it.