NERO tells me...

NERO tells me…

Sorry, your compilation cannot be written on this kind of disc. Please insert a disc of the correct type or modify the settings of your compilations to make it compatible with the current disc

Disc required for the compilation = CD-RW

Disc type in the recorder = CD-ROM

Where within NERO do I modify the settings of your compilations :question:

Can I start a multi session using CD-ROM :confused:

cfm :wink:

Missed one. You’re supposed to be using a CD-R if the task is to produce a Music Compact Disk. That’s the combination that will play in CD players in cars all over the world. That has a special WAV format called CDA that’s not directly compatible with anything else.

Or, you can create a CD-R Data Compact Disk which is a little silvery hard drive. You can put anything on there you like; Photoshop files, Excel Spreadsheets or music files. That won’t play anywhere except computers who will take it apart and play the music parts.

All of those are record once, enjoy, and throw it away when you’re done.

Some Music CD Authoring Programs will try and force a CD-RW (record many times) to be a music CD. There are many Music CD players that will not play those. That may not play in your car.

CD-ROM. That’s short for Compact Disk Read Only Memory. You can’t record anything to that.


What file does a video need to be for Nero to burn it to a dvd? I have Fight Club on my computer right now under an mpeg-4 file so it can go on my ipod touch. When ever I try to put the file into Nero to burn it to a dvd it says no compatible file found. I want to know what file it needs to be under for Nero to recognize it and be able to burn it on a dvd. Thanks for any replies.

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@quaglian - this is really off-topic for an Audio forum - but …

I use Nero 9 - it processes for me files that I have im MPEG-4 encoding in H.264. They are obtained by recording witha Pinnacle Video Transfer device - they get an .MP4 file type. These files can be manipulated with Nero 9 and successfully buned to a DVD-R with Nero.

I suspect that you may be falling foul of DRM copy protection which may be preventing you from burning this DVD.


You would probably be better to ask Nero support.