neeeed help... New to this and cannot figure out for life of me

Hello all,

This is my first time trying to work with audacity and I’m having one heck of a time accomplishing my task at hand.

I have a recording and the tv “background noise” is over powering the vocals that I want to hear. The tv is all you can hear with faint speaking sounds like far in the distance. Also every here and there you can hear my lovely 2 year old screaming.

Is there a way to remove those two things but keep the soft speaking in the background? Rather then have the tv audio over power it?

If there is anyone who has come across this isssue and conquered it please share your tips I’m at my Whits end here

No, not possible. There’s a very good reason why we stress the importance of a really quiet recording environment.

Please note that we do not provide support for people wanting to spy on others under any circumstances. If you have legal issues, please consult an appropriate professional for advice.

The voices were in real life, right? Not on the TV?

No, that’s the end. New Audiobook Readers are stunned how quiet room has to be to read for a simple audiobook, and if your room noise is loud enough, it overpowers the voice and you can’t make out anything.

Audacity can’t split a mixed performance into individual voices, instruments or sounds, and Noise Reduction only works on sounds that don’t change. There is no Noise Reduction for music, other shows or other voices.

Are you theatrical reading? Audiobook or Podcast?

There are basic rules for theatrical announcing.

Can’t do anything about the child screaming.