Needing total help

I recently purchased the Audio-Technica turntable and installed the 2.05 software in hopes of digitally capturing my favorite analog music. I have a Windows 7 operating system and a USB connection and can see sound bar jumping as the turntable plays, but nothing will record, play-through or playback. I’ve clicked and changed every button (input and output - Control panel too) that I can think of but still without success. I am stuck at this most basic first step.

It can’t be this difficult, yet I am at a total loss. Can anyone help?


See if this helps:

Moved to the Windows board.

You need to select the correct playback and recording devices. Try following .

If Help > About Audacity… says “2.05” (one decimal place), it’s not made by us. You can get the official 2.0.5 here: .