Needing help with Vocal Isolation

I’m trying to isolate the vocals to the Beauty and the Beast song “Tale as Old as Time” with the vocals by Angela Lansbury, and have tried many times but not getting a good result.
I’m an amateur with Audacity, but have given it my best efforts, and believe someone out there may be able to get a much better result.
Is there anyone who could help me with this please? The link for the song is for reference/use.

You may have achieved the best possible results. YouTube video sound has been through multiple compressions and sound processing steps, so many of the tricks that Effects > Vocal Reduction and Isolation uses just aren’t there any more.

We tell people never do original production in MP3 because of that. The sound degenerates as you go until it starts sounding like a bad cellphone. If you have that on a purchased CD or DVD and a good ripper program, that may work better.


There’s stereo-reverb on Angela’s vocal, so the invert technique isn’t going to remove all the vocal.

There’s stereo-reverb on Angela’s vocal

And for the same reason, it’s not going to isolate it, either.