need to remove voice

installed v212…
trying to remove a voice from a jazz tune Loads of Love for playing along (with sax).
The story that there is no any play along of that tune among thousands on web. So strange.
It sits in my head during a week and I eager to get it.
Tried Audacity for voice removal. Watched some videos, read instructions. Practically, 2-3 tips.
Tried Vocal reduction and isolation and Voice removal. The best result is very minimal reduction of voice presence.

As a last straw I would like to ask somebody here to try to remove a voice on the track. Theoretically, it should not be too complex - an old jazz tune, recorded more than 20 years ago.
It is stereo.
Will appreciate if somebody can try to do a trick.

here is the link on my One Drive. The file is 3.36MB so cannot be uploaded here.!Av7GxVRWTkZlgTeXZ2HaEl5Lfx_t


Audacity’s vocal-removal only works on certain tracks : it depends how they were recorded.

There is a plugin which works in Audacity called Kn0ck0ut* which uses a different removal method : spectral subtraction
But the result is always mono and sounds very computery, see attached …

[ * Windows only ].

Thanks for taking time trying to help.
Sure that the cut down version is not usable.
So at least I know that original file is not suitable for voice removing with Audacity.