need to remove transvestite sound from my voice

Hi all,
I am not a transvestite, but for some reason my voice sounds like one when I try doing a recording with any type of software. i am not sure why, but I would like to remove it from my recording. I have spent days trying to get rid of it and searched on google, within this forum, and youtube, but all of my search results come back stating to try changing the pitch by using the pitch filter, which all I get is a horrible cartoonish demon effect or I sound like a robot. I cannot have these silly sounds because I will be doing professionall video tutorials, using my voice and CamStudio, a screen capture recorder. Is this even possible with Audacity?

PS. I almost forgot, I made a recording sample for you all just to give you an idea of what I mean
need_fixing_transvestite.aup (1.64 KB)

<<<I cannot have these silly sounds because I will be doing professionall video tutorials, using my voice and CamStudio, a screen capture recorder.>>>

Or maybe you won’t. Microphones and capture systems – even the cheap ones – aren’t in the habit of making someone’s voice much different from what it really is. You wouldn’t be the first person shocked at how they appear to everyone else. I know voice talents who go through great effort at home with microphones and headsets to avoid sounding like whatever they consider undesirable.

The flip side of that is trying to fix it in post production software which is extraordinarily hard to do on many levels. First is efficiency. Other people will narrate a video capture, save the work and go home. You will be applying post production filters and corrections to the recorded work and getting a fresh cup of coffee.

You won’t be doing any filtering with Audacity. We routinely encounter posters wanting to sound like something else. There are money-based software packages that can change your voice into a target character. I would have to go look it up again. There are also tools that can make your voice sound like a guitar or flute, but I assume you want to sound human.

Is it too late to change your career path?


AUP files aren’t sound files. Export a WAV or an MP3 file for us to hear.


No luck so far. I found a very long thread on how to make a Demon Voice.

If you’re really complaining about the rhythm, meter, and emphasis of your voice, no software package is going to correct that, money or not. As we are fond of pointing out, Lauren Bacall’s voice was lower than Humphrey Bogart.


well that kind of sucks. Changing career paths would be difficult since I have a back injury, which limits me to working in the food industry which I use to do. Furthermore, I am getting pretty old to getting hired as a graphic designer. I tried it and most employers like hiring young adults who just graduated college. I did go back to college majoring in Computer Graphic Design, but I graduated back in 2005. Lastly, I tried looking at freelancing restaurant menus, but most restaurants already have a Graphic Layout Designer producing their menus, and desktop publishing is pretty much dead. Most desktop publishing companies I spoke with, are actually begging for work. The only thing left I can think of, is freelancing online graphic design tutorials. I am pretty good with 3d modeling and animation, and I have the know how. However,my voice. Ahgh!! It’s horrible. In my opinion, I sound like a teenager hitting puberty with a bit of manish/femalish voice, and I do not think anyone would like to buy my lessons for that reason. You know, that, “Hey there big fellow, how about coming over for a good time.” but actually a male speaking like that.

well I am not too sure if it is a rhythm, meter, and emphasis problem. All I am looking for something the opposite of the chicpmunks movie. meaning instead of a high pitch, I wanted to have a lower pitch without causing a daemon effect.

Thanks, here is an update of the correct file format

keep thinking
there are other things your skills can be used for if you can do 3d modeling and animation. kid next door does that for a govt job.

consider hiring someone else to do the voice
if you really think you can sell those tutorials

if you can do live classes yourself in a classroom with hands on then they wont care about your voice

everybody’s voice sounds terrible to them the first time they record it

try drinking some milk before you talk
or eat some icecream
then talk louder

see if you like that better

else try spraying that oily stuff like an opera tenor
and talk softer with the mike almost in your mouth

one of those could work

Try changing the pitch by -3%, and Bassboot 200Hz by 3db, (the result won’t be Barry White, but will be more macho).

“Change Pitch” and “Bassboost” are both in Audacity’s “Effects” menu.

Trebor - those pitch & bassboot changes worked a treat on the resonance.

Goodbye Charles Hawtrey…hello Brian Blessed!!!

If you’re not in the UK you won’t know who Charles Hawtrey and Brian Blessed are: the former had an effeminate voice, the latter could be employed as a foghorn.


Wasn’t he one of the flying warriors in Flash Gordon? He’s the furry, powerful looking one?

<<<Thanks, here is an update of the correct file format>>>

I don’t see any file at all. Preview your work to make sure it posted.

The Hollywood group really wants to hear this now. Part of the success of a theatrical presentation is not sounding like everyone else.


Yes. A couple of years ago he was guest host on UK’s premier News Quiz … :slight_smile:
(before clicking on the Youtube link turn the volume down and cover the ears of children).

I wonder if the sound technician survived the experience (ouch!).

Still waiting for that sound clip.
Hint: We all frown on posting MP3 clips because of damage reasons, but you can use Audacity to post a FLAC file which has gentle compression, small file sizes, and no damage.


Did you check your private messages up at the top of the forum page?

Never mind on the private mail.
Have a happy day.

sorry about not posting back in awhile, but I took some time off, thinking about what I should do. I kind of figured that everyone’s voice sounds terrible to them. However, when your voice does not sound too manly, it does not sound great in a tutorial. For instance, Howard Stern’s voice is not the greatest voice, but it works because his voice does not sound like Michael Jackson. Although Michael Jackson’s voice made him the king of Pop as a singer, could you imagine him as the narrator in a tutorial? People would laugh.

All I am looking for is to add a bit of male tone to my voice. Just try to imagine changing Michael Jackson’s voice to be a bit deeper like Howard Stern. For now, unless someone else has an idea, I guess my best bet is to reroute my tutorials to work with a narrator who speaks after the video has been recorded. However, I am still opened for opinions or ideas.



We still don’t work well in a vacuum and we’re still waiting for that sound clip. Count to ten into the microphone or present four or five seconds of actual dialog. Export As FLAC. Post here using the Upload Attachment tool at the bottom of this page.


My bad, I just realized that the file never got imported into my post. I guess because I did not export it as a flac file? I know I included it but it is not there. Let me try this again, and this time I will import it here as a flac file.

Right away I hear severe sound distortion. Is this the video capture software? We use a similar screen capture software, only I don’t think it creates that much damage. I’m hearing serious compression artifacts between your words – that frying and bubbly sound, and your voice is artificially strained and squeezed by the compression.

There may be other problems, but lets get the basic sound channel working.

Without cranking through all the pages again, did you ever tell us what kind of microphone you’re using and the type of computer? That sound clip wasn’t a straight Audacity recording, was it?


Hi Koz, I think the sound distortion that you here is from a few things. Firstly, this was a direct recording into Audacity. Second, my microphone is a basic desktop microphone that sits on my desk, which yes I know, it is not the greatest way to do a recording. However, I am not 100% concerned about the quality of the microphone, since I see Audacity does a great job of removing background hiss noises, using the noise removal filter like I have done so. Also, I was thinking maybe it had to do with saving the file as a flac file. However, I opened the flac file and it sounded the same as after I had recorded my voice and applied a few filters, hoping it would remove the background noise and boost the volume of the recording. Also, for some reason, and maybe because I did the recording very fast, the recording also sounded like I was too far away from the microphone, so I tried boosting the volume by using the compressor filter, but this did also create a bit of distortion. In any event, other recordings did come out louder. So I am also not 100% concerned about that either. As for you getting sever distortion and cracking, I think basically this recording was just setup to quickly, since all I wanted too accomplish was for other people in here to hear how my voice sounds as oppose to the quality of the recording.

On the other hand, if there would be a way to fix my voice, and then other problems arise, then I will certainly asked them here later, since there are some filters that I do not know how to use anyway. But for now, if you can just get the point of how I speak, I hope that there would be something that we can do to fix it. Unless you think i should upload another, and better, recording without any filters.