Need to record a mono mic in stereo

I’m using an sE2200a USB mic, for a project that requires stereo input (with one microphone). Aside from the obvious problem of using one mic to record stereo, is there any way to force audacity to allow stereo tracks for this mic?

I’m glad you said that - it’s surprising how many users don’t appreciate the contradiction :wink:

The most simple solution:

  1. Record in mono (I presume this works OK). Press “Stop” to finish (not “Pause”).
  2. Ensure that the entire track is selected (“Ctrl+A” to Select All).
  3. Edit > Duplicate (Ctrl+D)
  4. Click on the name of the upper track (at the top of the panel on the left end of the track), and from the drop down menu select “Make Stereo Track”.

Yes, thanks for your understanding:) I still can’t understand why the project requires it.

Your suggestion was spot-on and completely resolves my issue. Thanks very much!