Need to make multiple clips same pitch and length

Hi everyone,

I am currently using the most up to date version of Audacity (uploaded it a week ago) and I am currently editing clips. However, I am trying to edit multiple clips so that they are all the same length and pitch. The original clips all differ in length, and while I have found out how to shorten the clips and make it the same pitch, I have not found out how to make each clip the same exact length. I want each one of my clips to be 10s, and the videos I am editing are 14s, 30s, 8s, 12s and etc. Is it possible to make each clip the same length and pitch?

And by the way I have tried using the following information: . This makes the pitch the same, but it automatically shortens the clip to an arbitrary number. Please help me! Thanks everyone! :smiley:

If you want to change length without changing pitch, you need Change Tempo: or (better, because it avoids small silent gaps, Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift ).

But you will have to apply either of those to each clip individually at different settings.