Need to increase sound.

I’m moving right along. I recorded my cassette. Exported it to Windows Media Player and then to I-Tunes. Sound was too low so I found how to normalize. It is better but still needs to be louder. Can I still increase the volumn? How do I do it?

What level did you Normalize up to?

As per manuel -1.0dB.
I have another question now. Label the songs: I followed the instructions. The first two I didn’t any trouble. #3 would not put the little box for you to type the title in the right place or there would not be a little box. I would keep moving the bar and keep telling it to Add label to selection until it worked. What did I do wrong?

The absolute maximum peak level possible for an audio file is 0 dB.
-1 dB is just a tiny bit quieter (not really noticeable) but has the advantage that some playback equipment will clip peaks that touch 0 dB so it is recommended to normalize just a little below.

Peak level and “loudness” are not the same thing. For example, if you generate a square wave (Generate menu > Tone > select “Square”) with an amplitude of 0.9 and a frequency of 1000 Hz it will sound much louder than any music.

Much commercial music is “compressed” to make it sound louder (see Loudness War).

iTunes ha a feature called “Sound Check” that can be used to scan music and play it all at about the same “loudness” regardless of whether it has been compressed to death or is a clean uncompressed recording (it’s not perfect but it can help a lot).