Need to improve saving/transfer of metadata

Audacity 2.3.3 on Xubuntu 20.04

Great program. I’ve been editing existing mp3 files and exporting the selection as a new file. I find that some metadata such as Title, Artist, Year and Genre get transferred from the original to the new file, but other data like Album Artist and Composer are not saved. I’m using the Clementine music player which sets these fields. It also sets Performer and Grouping, but I’m not using those and haven’t tested to see if they transfer forward or not.

Just though I would pass this along. It might be worth taking a look at the metadata section of the code and seeing it it couldn’t be made more comprehensive in transferring all useful fields to newly created files.


This is tricky because there are many conflicting standards for metadata. Just for MP3 there is id3v1, id3v1.1, and many app specific variations of id3v2 (ID3 - Wikipedia). Then there’s all the other formats. This is why there is specialist software just for handling metadata, but even the specialist apps only support a subset of all the variations.

Currently Audacity supports the most common tags for the most commonly used formats. Yes we would like to expand metadata support, but I doubt that it will ever be “comprehensive” as that would be massively complicated both to program and to use.

For Linux, EasyTag and Kid3 are a couple of good metadata editors.