need to get information about. white noise.

Okay situation is this.
I have an album that is one long audio file on each side of the lp.
it is an cocktail hour piano set that used different white noise on each channel to connect the songs.
they have it just a bit louder than the ending and starting music of the songs so if I get it removed it removes all music through the songs that is lower volume than the white noise.
I have been able to raise some of these frequencys volume above the white noise but not on both channels.
So I’m wondering if it is even possible with the default effects to get this fixed, and if so how.?

Is the noise in the gaps between the songs? If not, why not select the noise and CTRL + L to replace the noise with silence? Or deamplify the noise between the songs, then the songs will be unharmed.


Well no help is an answer just not the wanted 1. But I’ve trashed the album since it was unrepairable.