need to figure out what effects i used.

so i was toying around with audacity and made some strange noises with the effects tab. As for my question. coming back to some of these sounds. they got my attention. the problem is i dont know what effects i put on some of these sounds. If anyone knows how to figure out what effects have been used on a clip then please notify me. Thank you -newguy :laughing:

also im using windows 10 with version 2.3.0

There’s a trick if you haven’t closed Audacity since you performed the effects, then you can Edit > UNDO your way back to the beginning and take note of what shows up in the list. If you get lost, then DO and UNDO and pay attention.

If you closed Audacity, you’re dead. We can’t take effects out of a show, whether or not you want to write them down.