Need to Delete Voice off Track

I watched a video on HOW To, tried it, did not work.

Any suggestions HOW to Delete occasional voice on Instrumental Track I obtained off the Web.

Don’t know if its a Stereo track, presumably so.

Thanks, Josh,

On a HP with Windows 10

Don’t know if its a Stereo track

It would be good to find out. None of these tools work on a mono track, or two-track mono.

Mono Track
Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 7.26.12.png
If you do have two blue waves, are they different? Watch the bouncing sound meter. Are Left and Right different? Do they occasionally bounce in different directions?

I watched a video on HOW To, tried it, did not work.

The split, invert and add technique again depends on you having two different blue waves and is the completely manual technique. Audacity Vocal Remover is the packaged and prettied-up version of that and Audacity Vocal Reduction and Isolation is a fancier tool with more controls.

Vocal removing fails a lot more times than it succeeds.


thanks 4 the reply.

Yes it’s Stereo, has 2 Blue Wave Forms.

I tried the Stereo and Mono Removal methods after watching Youtube Videos. Did not even diminish it noticeably.

Does anybody know a website where lots of Bottleneck Guitar and Blues harmonica is played?

If I can find other tracks (without voices) I’ll download them & stop wasting time trying to remove vocals.

Thanks, Josh

Tried Vocal Reduction and invert method, nothing worked.

My be a better use of my time trying to find free Bottleneck Guitar & Blues harmonica tracks on Youtube & download them (Sans voices)

Thanks 4 a minute, Josh

Drag-select about ten seconds of it, File > Export > Export Selected Audio > WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit and post it here on the forum.

Scroll down from a forum text window > Attachments > Add Files.

We can usually tell you in about four seconds flat whether or not it’s likely to work.

Make sure there’s voice in the sample.